Elizabeth Radmore - Writer
Elizabeth began writing in high school where she mainly specialized in poetry, particularly poetry for younger audiences. In more recent years her poetry was aimed at more adult audiences and culminated in an Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by the National Library of Poetry (USA) in 1998. 

Elizabeth had always been very close to her mother and after her father passed away in 1996 Elizabeth became her mother’s constant companion, taking her everywhere and visiting her every day of the week. When her mother passed away in 2001 at the age of 91 there was a significant void left in Elizabeth’s life. After months of grieving the loss of her mother, she decided to fill the void by writing her first novel. She had entertained family and friends with stories of her childhood and decided this would make a great basis for her book. Although she changed the names of the characters (to protect the innocent!), she still managed to weave many of the events of her childhood times into a charming and exciting book, “Cushla: Memoirs of a Reluctant Gypsy Girl”. This book was accepted for publication by General Store Publishing House of Renfrew, Ontario Canada, with the publisher commenting that it was the most readable book he had read in the past 5 years. He described Elizabeth as a natural storyteller, and the book was released in April 2005. The publisher has also sent this book to contacts in Los Angeles, California with a view to turning the story into a movie.

Although no longer feeling the void that drove her to write “Cushla”, Elizabeth’s husband, family and friends convinced her that there were so many more adventures that were still to be told and she ultimately wrote a sequel “Cushla: Gypsy Spirit”, (released December 2009), followed by "Cushla: Almost Magic" (released July 2012) which are both as entertaining as the original book, and continue the saga of Cushla and the McKenna family. "Cushla: Almost Magic" is also available as an e-book.

This website provides a small glimpse into the writing talents of Elizabeth Radmore. A sample of her poetry is presented on the “poetry” page, while the covers of her novels and a brief synopsis of each can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate buttons below