Creative art
Colourful Scenes on slate and shale rockĀ 
Cluster Pendants: These exquisite pendants are hand-wired with non-tarnish wire and consist of Austrian crystal, decorative beads of different sizes and colours, semi-precious stones and shells. As with all Elizabeth's creations, no two pieces are alike.
Birds hand-painted on agate slices
Wired Pendants: These pendants are made from intricately shaped and hammered wire with semi-precious stones wired into the design.
"Ordinary" rocks are turned into works of art, including paintings of animals and country cottages
Tree of Life Pendants: There are a number of types of these pendants, some are made with hammered wire and tiny beads acting as leaves, while others are made using semi precious stones as the base and with wire and beads mounted on that base.
Elegant Victorian Story Dolls: Exquisitely designed and totally handmade these dolls come with a small booklet detailing their background and lives so far.