Living with gypsies! What could be worse? Kathleen couldn't imagine, until her father decided to take up bare-knuckle boxing as a way to earn money for their family back in Belfast. Conditions in post-war Ireland were bad. Not as bad as the Great Famine of a century before, but bad enough to force skilled men like Jim McKenna and his daughter Kathleen to walk from town to town, sleeping in meadows and under bridges, in search of work. Meeting up with the gypsies gave them a roof over their heads and some food in their bellies - if they didn't mind thieving to get it - but it was, oh, so different from their snug little home where Kathleen's mother and young brothers waited for them. But Jim wasn't the only one with battles to fight. Kathleen too would have to learn to stand up for herself, if she wanted to come to terms with all the changes in her life.

"Elizabeth Radmore's Cushla is a memorable heroine, vividly portrayed, and hers is an exciting story told with an eye for detail and an ear for colourful speech."
- Charles Gordon, author of At the Cottage and The Grim Pig.

"Cushla is an engaging book whose sprited young heroine is a perfect match for the life she's handed, a life that would bring dismay and despair to the hearts of most of us. 
Elizabeth Radmore is a natural-born storyteller; in her hands, Cushla's coming of age amid hardship and insecurity is transformed into an adventure story that's both funny and poignant."
- Dr. Pat Whiting, Department of English, Carleton University, Ottawa 
Elizabeth's first book Cushla: "Memoirs of a Reluctant Gypsy Girl" was published by General Store Publishing House ( of Renfrew Ontario Canada in April 2005.
The cover of this book is an Elizabeth Radmore original painting