Elizabeth Radmore - Artist
In addition to writing Elizabeth also began creating art while in high school, buying her first easel when she was a young teenager. Her first medium was pastel but she quickly graduated to oils, and other forms of artistic expression. Many years later she discovered the benefits of using acrylic paint, and her work focused primarily on scenes and still life. Her work was not confined to canvas only and she produced many acrylic paintings on slates, and on smooth pebbles and small rocks obtained from fast flowing rivers and the shores of Northern Ireland and Nova Scotia. These make ideal novelty gifts.

After a chance meeting with other artists she learned how to do silk painting and produced numerous decorative scarves and scenes on silk which were also ideal as gifts. She also joined the Ottawa Mixed Media Association and has entered her work in various exhibitions.

In recent times Elizabeth has gone back to using pastel and watercolours and has produced superb art in both media forms, becoming particularly adept at portraits and children’s art. Her work is for sale at a store in the Ottawa area and Elizabeth also paints portraits on commission. 

This section of the website provides a small glimpse into the artistic talents of Elizabeth Radmore. A few samples of her paintings in acrylic, oil and pastel are presented on the “General Art” page, and a few samples of her children’s art appear on the “Art for Children” page. The “Portraits” page provides details of her availability to provide customers with a unique painting of themselves or a loved one with an example of a recent painting. Each of these pages can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate button below.