Cushla: "Almost Magic" was published by General Store Publishing House ( in July 2012.

... the tarot cards I had placed on my lap slid off and scattered onto the grass. Bewildered, I blinked a couple of times and stared at the colourful images lying in disarray at my feet. The Death card commanded my attention and made me shiver... I remembered vaguely what they had revealed to me; something about having two paths to choose from.

Kathleen McKenna couldn't be happier. Just turned sixteen, she and her family have made a good life for themselves in Ottawa, anchored by friends, family, school and work. There is no sign of the gypsy girl she had once been in Northern Ireland only a few short years ago. But the arrival of a mysterious package could change all that.

From across the ocean, Nora, the old gypsy woman who had once befriended Kathleen, has bequeathed Kathleen her tarot cards and rune stones. "You will have two loves," she had once read in those same cards. The first will disappoint you, but the second..."