Elizabeth Radmore - Artist/Author

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth's new book, titled "Lilith", has been released and is now available for purchase. We are currently setting up book signings and will keep you informed through this website. She will, of course, continue attending craft shows and selling her beautiful creative art as well as the new book.

The new book introduces a new heroine, Lilith, who has a challenging start to her life as a teenager, facing all kinds of odds including the brutality of the Magdalene Laundries. 

Do not miss this book, it is spellbinding!


More of Elizabeth's Creativity
​Earlier Works

In addition to Lilith, Elizabeth has written three other books, all based on actual events in Elizabeth's life, turned into novels by linking with fictional creativity:

    * Cushla: Memoirs of a Reluctant Gypsy Girl
       ​Click the name Cushla for a more detailed description

    * Cushla: Gypsy Spirit
       For more click on Gypsy Spirit.

    * Cushla: Almost Magic
       For more click on Almost Magic

Creative Art

Elizabeth is a very talented creative artist encompassing many varied formats, including wearable art, in her repertoire. These include painting 100% silk scarves, and many forms of jewelry, etc. She also creates very detailed paintings on rocks and precious stones, and on wooden plaques and slates, and paintings of birds and animals on semi- precious stones (agate, for example). 
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