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We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth's new book, titled "Lilith" will be released at the end of this month, August 2018. 

This book is NOT about Cushla but there is a new heroine, Lilith, who has a challenging start to her life as a teenager, facing all kinds of odds including the brutality of the Magdalene Laundries. 

Do not miss this book, it is spellbinding!
Welcome to LizArtCreations!

This is the website of Elizabeth Radmore, author, creative artist and tarot card reader. In these pages is an introduction to her work in the fields of writing (novels, poetry), painting (watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastel, encaustic, mixed media etc), and creative art.  

Elizabeth has written three novels, all published by General Store Publishing House. A fourth book has completed editing and is expected out late this summer. 

Elizabeth is constantly experimenting with all forms of art and specializes in creating wearable art. Elizabeth's creativity also extends to reading tarot cards, which she performs in an entertaining style.

To find out more about Elizabeth and her work click on the appropriate heading below:

Cushla: Almost Magic
Elizabeth's most recent book "Cushla: Almost  Magic" was published in August 2012 and is still available online from Amazon and, of course, from Elizabeth herself. This book completes the saga of Cushla and the McKenna family, and is also available as an e-book. 

Upcoming Book 
Elizabeth has recently completed a new book, titled `Lilith" which is unconnected to the Cushla trilogy, but just as exciting and well written. This book is in the final stages of editing and it is hoped will be available for late summer 2018.

Wearable Art
Elizabeth has continued to be very active with her creative art and has added various forms of wearable art to her repertoire. Examples of her work are displayed in the Creative Art and Silk Scarves sections of this site. 

Rock and precious stone Painting
Also in the Creative Art section of this site you will find a link to another of Elizabeth's many talents - rock painting. "Ordinary rocks" are converted into beautiful works of art featuring animals and quaint cottages with thatched roofs, etc. One of the most popular buildings is `The Rovers Return`from the British soap `Coronation Street`. A number of examples of these rock paintings are shown on the rock painting page. In addition Elizabeth paints birds and animals on semi precious stones (agate etc.), and she is pleased to do custom orders. Her `Tree of Life`pendants are particularly striking.

Decorative Victorian Story Dolls 
Elizabeth has begun creating Victorian story dolls. Each doll (or pair of dolls) is approximately 18 inch high and the dolls are dressed in Victorian style clothing. All components of these dolls were created by Elizabeth. The dolls are mounted on a small platform and are for decorative use only. Each doll comes with a small booklet detailing the "biographies" of the dolls. 

Upcoming Events
We have just completed the process of applying for the Spring craft events and as we receive notice a list of each confirmed show will be detailed here.  Elizabeth is attending a few less events this year but is running an Art Class out of her home and also organizes Paint Nights for groups of five or more. 

​Contacting Elizabeth

​Don`t forget, you can contact Elizabeth by e-mail, to inquire about her Paint Nights or to have your tarot cards read. Her e-mail address is given on the contact information page.